see that girl you just called a lesbian? is she? can you help me get her number?


Lana Parrilla for Regard Magazine


the thingie called clarina: okay okay gonna sum it up for u all bc i want to show the scenes bc they’re so beautiful omg basically soap opera’s in brazil never had gay couples before, we had one last year, they kissed in the end the peeps went crazy NOW THE BEAUTIFUL FREAKING SHIP new soap opera, you think oh no they gonna make gay looks so immature and shit, i thought that anyway, it turned into some beautiful little shit that just, come with me and just- have feelings

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Dance with me.


Favorite Pictures of Once Upon a Time 62/∞


Favorite Pictures of Once Upon a Time 62/∞

fangirl challenge ▪ fifteen female characters

[5/15] Sarah Manning (Orphan Black)


"How’s that essay going?"


Swan Queen in every episode 3x15 Quiet Minds

I’m in love with you